1. वापसी
Her return journey was memorable.
2. आना-जाना
He bought the ticket a weekend return.
3. प्रत्यपर्ण
The deposit is refunded on return of the vehicle.
Her return of service in T.T.was very accurate
4. पुनरावृत्ति
Many happy returns of the day.
5. लाभ\{पूँजी या लागत पर\}
Have you submitted your returns of income for the year?
6. बिना बिका या बिकने योग्य सामान की वापसी
Merchandise returned to a retailer by a consumer.
7. लौटती डाक से
Kindly reply by return of post.
1. लौटना
She returned home from an excursion trip.
2. पुरानी स्थिति में लौट जाना
He has returned to his old bad habits after his wife's death.
1. वापिस\returnकरना/लौटाना
I hope you will return my book soon.
She never returned me my books.
Good men return good for evil.
She could not return his affection.
Only an expert could have returned that ball.
2. वापस आना
The train service has returned to normal.
The money i gave him returns to me in the event of his death.
3. वापस\returnरखना
After reading returned the book to the shelf.
4. लाभ प्रदान करना
Our joint venture returned a net saving of five thousand rupees.
5. वापिस\returnदेना
She taunted him but he returned with a witty sally.

English-Hindi dictionary. 2013.


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